The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary – 22 June 2021 Today

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Learn THE HINDU EDITORIAL Vocabulary today – 22 June 2021. here We Share The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary Important words for all the aspirants of different competitive exams like SSC CGL, UPSC CSE, CAT, DSSSB, UPSSSC, FCI, Banking and other exams. You can get a list of important vocabulary from the most followed newspaper by UPSC aspirants and others, we share vocabulary from THE HINDU Newspaper. To get today’s The Hindu Newspaper click here

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Today

◆Daily The Hindu Vocabulary◆

  1. FISHY (ADJECTIVE): (संदेहजनक): dubious
    Synonyms: doubtful, suspicious
    Antonyms: truthful, aboveboard
    Example Sentence: I am convinced there is something fishy going on.
  2. KNOTTY (ADJECTIVE): (जटिल): troublesome
    Synonyms: mystifying, perplexing
    Antonyms: easy, facile
    Example Sentence: It was his knotty idea.
  3. KNAVE (NOUN): (दुष्ट): fraud
    Synonyms: miscreant, rogue
    Antonyms: hero, angel
    Example Sentence: He is known as a notorious knave of this area.
  4. LUDICROUS (ADJECTIVE): (ऊटपटांग): absurd
    Synonyms: bizarre, comical
    Antonyms: normal, ordinary
    Example Sentence: It was a ludicrous statement made by her.
  5. KUDOS (NOUN): (प्रशंसा): praise
    Synonyms: esteem, applause
    Antonyms: dishonour, denunciation
    Example Sentence: When the football team won the state championship, they were given kudos during a celebratory pep rally.
  6. JOLT (VERB): (ऐंठना): convulse
    Synonyms: disturb, jar
    Antonyms: calm, comfort
    Example Sentence: His statement jolted me in my mind.
  7. VERBOSE (ADJECTIVE): (वाचाल): wordy
    Synonyms: gabby, circumlocutory
    Antonyms: concise, succinct
    Example Sentence: He is a verbose man.
  8. HERETIC (NOUN): (नास्तिक): schismatic
    Synonyms: apostate, pagan
    Antonyms: believer, follower
    Example Sentence: As a relapsed heretic, he was left to the secular arm.
  9. COVERT (ADJECTIVE): (गुप्त): hidden
    Synonyms: undercover, secret
    Antonyms: open, known
    Example Sentence: Behind his soft behaviour he has some covert intentions.
  10. DEFILE (VERB): (अपवित्र करना): corrupt
    Synonyms: degrade, desecrate
    Antonyms: honour, praise
    Example Sentence: He tried to defile the system.

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