Salary and Allowances of an IAS Officer

Pay & perks of IAS Officer

IAS is a very lucrative job, at the same time includes a lot of responsibilities also. Therefore IAS Officers are given a Spacious Bungalow, Security Personnels, Driver, official Car, medical facilities and much more.

Pay Scale of an IAS Officer

The Salary of an IAS Officer ranges from a minimum of Rs. 56,000 to Rs. 2,50,000 maximum.

Training period

At the beginning of his career, IAS Officers during their training  at LBSNAA receives a special pay advance of RS 45000/- per month after deducting Mess and hostel charges.

Sub-Divisional Magistrate

During the very first posting as an SDM, an IAS Officer receives a salary of RS 56,000 /-. and all the other facilities such as Driver, Bungalow, Official Car, Bills etc.

Ad. District Magistrate

After the first promotion to the post of Additional District magistrate an IAS Officer draws a salary of Rs 67,700.

District Magistrate

After the next Promotion to the post of District Magistrate, after around - 10 to 12 years of service, an IAS Officer receives a salary of Rs 1,18,500 pm./-

Divisional Commissioner

After the next promotion to the Post of Divisional Commissioner, an IAS Officer receives a salary of Rs 1,44,200.

Additional Chief Secretary

As an Additional Chief Secretary, an IAS Officers draws a salary of Rs 2,05,400.

Chief Secretary

After getting promoted to the post of Chief Secretary, an IAS Officer recives a hansome salary of 2,25,000.

Cabinet Secretary of India

This is the Topmost Rank at which an IAS can be promoted to. At this post an IAS Officer enjoys a salary of Rs 2,50,000  after around 35+ years of service.

Other Perks to an IAS Officer

Office Vehicles: Every IAS officer will be provided 1 to 3 vehicles along with a driver/chauffeur.

Other Perks to an IAS Officer

Security:  3 home guards and 2 bodyguards are allotted. STF commandos can also be provided in case of any threat. Moreover, if the IAS Officer is posted as District Magistrate/Commissioner, then the entire police force is at his/her disposal. 

Other Perks to an IAS Officer

Electricity Bills: Completely free or heavily subsidised for their official residence. Phone Bills: Officers are provided 3 BSNL SIM cards with free Talktime, SMS, and Internet services. Moreover, a free BSNL landline connection and a broadband connection are also provided for them at home.

Other Perks to an IAS Officer

Household Staff: IAS officers also get personal household staff to take care of the daily chores at their official residence or service quarter.

Other Perks to an IAS Officer

Study leave: Officers also have the option to take 2-4 year study leave after they have served for 9 years in the service. IAS Officer can utilise this leave to study at a reputed foreign university. The entire cost of education will be borne by the government

Other Perks to an IAS Officer

Unofficial Benefits: IAS officers are also invited to all the major events in the district or zone within their jurisdiction including free tickets and entry passes for parties, concerts, cricket matches, and others.