Tropical Storm Ian to turn into a Hurricane soon 

Tropical Storm Ian is tracking towards Florida and may soon hit hurricane status

The residents in florida were cautioned by the authorities as a Tropical storm Ian may take position of a hurricane in the coming days.

A state of emergency has been declared by the Government of Florida and residents are warned to ready for a severe storm, which can result in heavy rains and high winds.

Tropical Storm Ian is expected to become a major hurricane in the region of florida by Monday as the wind speed reached a range of 80-50 KiloMeter per hour.

the state authorities of Cuba met and planned to tackle with the upcoming natural disaster. Hurricane watches were also distributed for west Cuba.

The residents of Florida, Cuba and other nearby cities were instructed to prepare themselves for this upcoming disaster, so they started collecting importamt things like supplies of generator, plywoods food supplies etc.

It was noted that a superstore Publix store was almost sold out of water in Orlando, Florida as residents made sure that they had enough water and food to survive in the worst case.

President Joe Biden also announced emergency in the state of Florida and ordered federal assistance to coordinate response efforts during the disaster.