NIDHI Scheme(National Initiative for Development and Harnessing Innovations)

NIDHI Scheme: NIDHI is an initiative towards Aatmanirbhar Bharat to use technology to empower our businesses. NIDHI is not just a Database. It aspires to become a gateway to opportunities for the Hospitality Industry.

Aim to provide a register of hospitality accommodation across the comprehensive country was essential for the future development 0f tourism of India. 

Nidhi scheme

The scheme was launched by the ministry of tourism 

 Program Initiated by the Science & Technology Department (DST) of the Indian government.

 This program is for cultivating knowledge-based innovations and ideas driven by technology into fruitful start-ups. NIDHI supports start-ups from the ideation stage to the marketing stage for cultivating knowledge-based innovations and ideas driven by technology into fruitful start-ups. NIDHI supports start-ups from the ideation stage to the marketing stage.

  • Registration with NIDHI will ensure electronic delivery of various services and benefits to the hospitality unit.
  • It will also serve as a platform for the Hospitality organisations to ideate, share best practices and connect with the Government for ease of doing business.
Along with NIDHI, Govt. of India launched an application SAATHI (system for assessment, awareness, and training for the hospitality industry) it is a system for assessment, awareness, and training for the hospitality industry. It’s a certificate progrmme of the ministry of tourism with the quality council of India. 

It aims to assist the hospitality industry to continue to operate safely and thereby instill confidence among the staff, employees, and guests about the safety of the hotel\unit.

The certification will have three components 

  • Self certification 
  • Capacity building 
  • Third party assessment 

Key points of schemes 

  1. As part of the Startup India initiative launched by the Prime Minister, DST proposes to provide momentum and scale to radically change the startup ecosystem in India. It has pledged 500 crores to carry out these fresh projects in the coming years.
  2. NIDHI is focused on creating a smooth and innovation-led entrepreneurial ecosystem specifically by directing the youth towards it and consequently ushering in its positive effect on the country’s development in the social and economic spheres.
  3. Apart from providing technological solutions to society’s needs, the program also wants to generate new possibilities for job and wealth creation.
  4. The main stakeholders of this initiative include the different ministries departments of the central government, governments of the states, R&D and academic institutions, mentors, angel investors, financial institutions, industry experts and veterans, venture capitalists and the private sector.
  5. NIDHI greatly responds to the new nationwide ambitions by immensely expanding DST’s 3 decades of experience in endorsing pioneering startups.
  6. NIDHI has 8 components that support each stage of a nascent startup from its idea stage to the market stage.
  7. The first component PRAYAS was inaugurated on September 2nd 2016 and its goal is to back innovators to create prototypes of their start-up ideas. It does this by giving a grant of up to Rs.10 lakhs and an admission to Fabrication Laboratory (Fab Lab). PRAYAS stands for Promoting and Accelerating Young and Aspiring Innovators & Startups.
  8. The Seed Support System is the closing component of the program. It offers up to Rs.1,00,00,000 for each start-up and is carried out via the Technology Business Incubators.
  9. This financial year, the government has announced an increase of a whopping 450% in its allocation of Rs.180 crores in the DST budget. This was done with the objective of driving innovation and the new start-up centric initiative into a wider scale and outreach all over the country.

Components of NIDHI

There are eight components of the National Initiative for Development and Harnessing Innovations (NIDHI). These include:

  1. NIDHI GCC – Grand Challenges and Competitions for scouting innovations
  2. NIDHI – PRomoting and accelerating Young and Aspiring Innovators and Startups (NIDHI-PRAYAS) – Support from Idea to Prototype
  3. NIDHI-Entrepreneur In Residence (NIDHI-EIR)-Support system to reduce risk
  4. Startup-NIDHI
  5. NIDHI-Technology Business Incubator(TBI)-Converting Innovations to start-ups
  6. NIDHI-Accelerator-Fast tracking a start-up through focused intervention
  7. NIDHI-Seed Support System (NIDHI-SSS)-Providing early-stage investment
  8. NIDHI Centres of Excellence (NIDHI-CoE)-A World-class facility to help startups go global

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FAQ’s for NIDHI Scheme

Q.1 What is NIDHI? 

NIDHI is an acronym of National Integrated Database of Hospitality Industry.

It is a digital platform which is accessible from where all accommodation units can register themselves to become part of the hospitality industry. Registration with NIDHI will ensure electronic delivery of various services and benefits to the hospitality units.

Q.2 Are NIDHI and HOTELCLOUD same? 

 Yes, both are same. Hotelcloud ( has been rechristened as NIDHI ( Even, if you browse , you will be redirected to

 Q.3 What is the Process of Registration on NIDHI?

You can register any accommodation unit on by clicking on REGISTER Now link and supplying the required information online and finally submit. Subsequently, it will be verified by Nodal Officer of the respective state. After verification, process of registration is complete and the accommodation unit is verified one. 

Q.4 Does registration on NIDHI require some documents to be uploaded?

No, It does not require any document to be uploaded or submitted. 

Q.5 What are pre-requisites of SAATHI self-certification for Accommodation Units?

Accommodation units have to be registered on NIDHI and verified by respective nodal officer before taking self-certification on SAATHI platform ( .

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