Indian entrepreneur and YouTuber,

Prafull Billore hails from Gujarat, India. He started from 0 and is now a youth icon of India.

He completed his graduation in B.Com from a college in Indore in 2016.

After Completing his graduation he attempted CAT exam for MBA twice but could not make it.

His initial failures did not discourage him, instead he started from the bottom, working as a Housekeeping Staff at MCDonald's

After that he took a bold step and with an investment of just RS 8000, he started his own Tea Stall.

During his initial years he started various campaigns like "Free Chai for Singles" and ‘Mehfil-e-kavita’.

As of 2022, he is now expanding his business at a rapid rate within India as well as outside India.

He has also been part of various Motivational Shows like The Bada Bharat Show, Josh Talks and many more.

His next big plan is to setup MBA Chaiwala Academy, and he is actively working on this plan.