SSC CHSL Descriptive Paper (tier 2) Topics Practice

The Staff Selection Commission conducted CHSL Combined Higher Secondary Examination every
year. In which there are three levels of the exam i.e. Tier1 Of MCQs, Tier2 Descriptive and Tier3 is CPT.

Tier2, In which they ask you to write an essay and letter on any topic. For getting a good score in the descriptive examination you have to score well in essay and letter and for that keep some points in mind so that you can write a better essay/letter in a short time. In tier2 you have to write a letter/application and a letter in 60 minutes.
For each section, the mark distribution is 50+50. For that, It is important to know the format of the descriptive examination, so here are some important points with a sample of application and letter.

ESSAY WRITING: For ESSAY writing you have to be precise and to the point. As you can write
between 250 to 275 words as per the direction of the commission. so the following points are
helpful and make your essay effective :
 Simple language
 Presentation
 Connectivity and relevancy
 Quotes, examples, and references
 Use absolute data
 Keep optimism
 Word limit (between 250+-10%)


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the word” – Nelson Mandela
The right to education is the fundamental right under Article 21-A of the Indian constitution and ever since
its introduction education in India has expanded its footprints by lips and bounds. From Macaulay’s
minute to Wood’s dispatch Indian education has come a long way.
It is rightly said “educated society is an asset to Nation’s development” Educating an individual helps
to enfeeble social evils like Unemployment, Poverty, Child marriage, and child labor.
Studies show that an educated woman is less prone to infant mortality further an educated
person can discern between fake and authentic news and can help in educating menace like
mob lynching and communal violence. It also adds to improvement in Human Development Index.
However there are some challenges like lower gross enrolment rate at 26.3% according to all India
surveys on higher education, higher literacy rate of women at 36% as compared to 18% of men, low
spending on education sector (only 3% of GDP) and insanitary conditions prevailing in schools.
The government has taken several steps under the guiding principle of Shiksha saying yojana, right to
education act (2009), midday meal, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and Beti Bachao Beti Pdhaoo.
NGOs must reach out to poor people and make them understand the importance of
education. The government is making every effort to achieve the goal of good and quality education for
all thereby sustainable development goal of the united nation but our contribution is needed to fulfill
our fundamental duty under Article 51A(k) and make this nation a prosperous one.

Question – You are Rekha, resident of Gandhi Nagar Gujrat- 511108. Write a letter to the manager, GD
restaurant, Gandhi Nagar, Gujrat about the poor service and food quality.

Gandhi Nagar,

Gujrat -511108

31 August 31, 2021

The manager
GD restaurant
Gandhi Nagar

Gujarat 511108

Subject: complaint about poor service and quality of food.

I am sorry to bring to your kind attention on the poor service and bad quality of food at your restaurant. I
am a regular customer of your restaurant but last week I ordered chikan biryani, a dead lizard
was found in it. Further, the ABC authority conducted food quality tests in various restaurants, and your
restaurant was at a nadir in that ranking. The staff members and waiters lack etiquette especially
waiters who speak to customers in a goonish language. It seems they lack proper training in this
I am your well-wisher that’s why I am writing this letter. I hope that you will take some
concrete action in this regard.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully

Marks distribution and further details regarding essay and letter writing


  • Clarity of expression (5mark)
  • Command over language (5marks)
  • Continuity context and understanding (5marks)
  • Content (5marks)
  • Mission Objrctive (5marks)
  • Components (5marks)
  • Strength and weakness (5marks)
  • Suggestions (5marks)


  • Format (4marks)
  • Clarity of expression (8marks)
  • Command over language (8marks)
  • Content : strength and weaknesses (10 marks)
  • Comparison with past performance (10marks)

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