UP PGT Physics Syllabus in English & Hindi PDF Download [2021]

UP PGT Physics Syllabus in English 2021: Before we begin our preparation for any exam, it is very important to know about its complete Syllabus and Exam Pattern to prepare well for that exam. Download UP PGT Physics Syllabus in english and Hindi PDF 2021.

UP PGT Physics syllabus in English PDF
UP PGT Physics Syllabus in English PDF

UP PGT Physics Syllabus in English pdf

  1. Mechanics:

Units and Dimension

  • Calculation of vectors with reference to the international unit method(Addition,  subtraction, multiplication)
  • Gradient
  •  divergence and curl
  •  centre of mass
  •  linear momentum
  •  Torque
  •  angular momentum
  •  Conservation laws
  •  centripetal force and acceleration
  •  Central forces
  •  conservative forces
  •  potential energy 
  • Gravitational potential and field due to a uniform spherical shell and solid sphere
  •  motion under Inverse Square Law
  •  Kepler’s law
  •  Projectile
  •  motion of satellites
  •  rotatory motion
  •  angular acceleration
  •  definition of inertia with physical significance


  • Stress and strain
  •  Hooke’s law
  •  elastic  constants and their relations 
  • Bending of beams
  •  Torsion of cylinders

 Surface tension

  •  molecular theory of surface tension
  •  adhesive and Cohesive force
  •  surface energy
  •  capillary action
  •  angle of  contact
  •  excess pressure
  •  shape of meniscus 


  •  ideal fluids
  •  equation of continuity
  •  streamline flow
  •  Bernoulli’s theorem 
  • Viscous fluids
  •  coefficient of viscosity
  •  poiseuille’s equation
  • Stoke’s law

 Thermal physics

Thermodynamics –

  • Thermodynamics system
  •  Thermodynamic Equilibrium
  •  thermodynamics state
  •  isothermal and adiabatic process
  •  concept of temperature
  •  heat and work
  •  thermal process
  •  first law of Thermodynamics and internal energy
  •  Joule’s law
  •  application of law
  • Carnot cycle
  •  carnot engine and refrigerator 
  • Absolute scale of temperature and carnot’s theorem
  • Second law of thermodynamics

 kinetic theory of gas

  • Maxwell-Boltzmann  law of distribution of molecular velocity
  •  evaluation of r.m.s  velocity
  •  average velocity and most probable velocity and pressure exerted by gas
  •  law of equipartition of energy
  •  mean free path transport phenomena
  •  van der waals equation

 conduction of heat

  •  steady state
  •  thermal conductivity
  •  fourier equation for one dimensional heat flow
  • Conductivity of bad conductors


  •   radiation as electromagnetic waves
  •   emissive and  absorptive powers
  •  radiation in hollow enclosure
  •  black body radiation
  •  kirchoff’s Law
  •  intensity and energy density
  •  pressure and energy density
  •  Newton’s law of cooling
  •  stefan’s constant
  • Stefan-Boltzmann;s Law
  • Solar constant and temperature of sun
  •  distribution of energy in the spectrum of blackbody radiation
  • wien’s distribution law
  • Wein’s displacement law
  • Rayleigh-Jeans Law
  • Planck’s Law

Geometrical Optics:

  • fermat’s principle and its application
  • Cardinal Points of coaxial optical systems and Combination of their lenses
  •  lens aberration
  •  achromatism of prism and lenses
  •  Eye places
  • Aplantism 
  •  field of view and depth of field
  •  magnifying power of telescope and microscope
  •  R. power of eye
  •  dispersive power of prism

 physical optics

  •  interference: condition for observing interference
  •  temporal and spatial coherence
  •  young’s double slit experiment
  • Determination of wavelength by measuring fringe width
  • Spontaneous and stimulated emission basic ideas about laser emission
  •  Ruby andHe-Ne lasers as example


  •  fresnel and fraunhofer classes
  • Simple applications of diffraction phenomena observed in nature
  •  resolving power of prism
  •  Rayleigh criteria


  •  unpolarized, polarized and partially polarized light
  •  linearly  polarised light – its production and detection
  • Polarisation of reflection
  • Brewster’s Law
  •  law of malus
  •  double refraction of uniaxial crystals
  •  nicol prism
  •  Polaroids
  • Huygen’s  theory of double refraction
  • Fresnel’s  theory of optical rotation
  • specific rotation and optical activity
  • Polarimeter


  • Flux measurement of intensity of light
  • L-B Photometer, Lambert’s sunshine law

Wave Motion-

  • Wave Motion and its characteristics
  •  phase and phase difference
  • S.H.M its characteristics and applications( Simple Pendulum, spring L-C circuit)
  •  Damped motion
  •  Resonance 
  • progressive wave
  • Partide velocity and wave velocity
  • principle of super position
  •  Beats
  •  stationary waves
  •  reflection of plane wave at a discontinuity
  •  motion on a string
  •  melde’s experiment
  • Organ pipes
  •  Ultrasonic waves
  •  Doppler’s Effect
  •  velocity of sound


  •  electrostatic induction
  •  Coulamb’s Law
  • Gauss’s Law
  • Electric field and potential
  • Potential field due to a dipole
  • Elementary idea of multipoles
  • Displacement and polarization vectors
  • Lorentz  electrical field
  •  different kinds of Polarizability
  • Parallel plate and spherical condensers
  •  parallel and series combination of condensers
  •  energy of condenser


  • Ampere’s law
  • Biot and Savort’s Law
  • Magnetic field due to circular loop and solenoid
  • Helmholtz’s Coil
  • Magnetic momenty
  • Magnetic materials and magnetisation
  • Model of magnetism
  • Magnetic susceptibility

Electrical Currents

  • Drift velocity
  • Ohm’s law
  • Conduction of a current in a wire
  • Kirchoff’s law
  • Series and parallel combination of resistances
  • Specific resistance
  • Wheatstone bridge
  • Meter bridge E.M.F. Carey-Foster Bridge
  • Potentiometer
  • Primary and secondary cell
  • Heating effect of current 
  • Conversion of Galvanometer into voltmeter and Ammeter


  • Faraday’s Law of electromagnetic Induction
  • Displacement current 
  • Self and mutual inductance Doubled circuits
  • Transformer
  • Methods of Network Analysis
  • Anderson Bridge
  • Eddy Current


  • Lorentz’s Force
  • Motion of a charge in a magnetic field
  • Magnetic Field due to a moving charge
  • Force in between two carrying straight wires
  • Force on a current carrying wire in a magnetic field

Alternative Current 

  • Behaviour of L.C. and R. in A.C. circuits L.C.R. circuits
  • Resonance
  • Quality factor
  • Power factor
  • Choke coil
  • Wattless current

Thermionic Tubes

  • Thermionic emission
  • Richardson’s equation
  • Diode
  • space charge limited current child’s law
  • Half and full wave rectifier and filters
  • Triode and its characteristic curves
  • Triode constants
  • Amplifier
  • Oscillator principle of image transmission
  • Television
  • CRO
  • Solid State Electronics
  • Modulator and Detector

Photoelectric Effect

  • Einstein’s Photo electric equation
  • Work function and Threshold  Frequency
  • Photon
  • Photovoltaic cell

Modern Physics

  • Bohr’s theory of Hydrogen Atom
  • Energy levels
  • Ionisation Potential
  • Absorption and Emission Solar Spectrum
  • Luminescence
  • X-Ray spectra
  • Radioactivity
  • Half time
  • Mass defect and Binding energy
  • Artificial Transmutation
  • Fission and Fusion
  • Elementary particles
  • Nuclear Reactors

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